Risk modelling and application development.

Financial institutions turn to White Kite when they face a critical business need – and the most challenging constraints. These usually relate to time, cost, IT systems or all three.

  • Time – “We must meet this regulatory deadline or pay the penalty.”
  • Cost – “Our IT department is already fully utilised. We need a cost-effective alternative (and soon).”
  • IT – “Is it feasible to build a robust, bridging solution using just our desktop hardware/software systems?”

White Kite has an impressive track record of solving the pressing and complex problems we have taken on. Hence the repeat business we enjoy from our highly satisfied blue-chip clients and our reputation in this specialist field.

What White Kite is known for

  • We design and built advanced credit risk models and implement them – on time and on budget.
  • We develop and deploy highly robust ‘tactical’ applications, and migrate them to enterprise systems, when required.
  • We supply software products that save our clients time and money.