About Us

Founded in 2006, White Kite is a risk modelling and application development consultancy. We mainly serve clients in the financial services sector, and specialise in credit risk and operational risk management.

White Kite has established a reputation among Controls teams – and the Risk and Regulation departments of major consultancies – for providing streamlined solutions to complex business problems.

That success is underpinned by White Kite’s ethos and values.

Our values

We see ourselves as a crack team, able to analyse and solve problems quickly, delivering cost-effective solutions to the people on the front line of business operations.

So White Kite is:

    • Pragmatic – we focus on finding the most practicable solution to the problems facing the business.
    • Professional – we’re experts and we deliver, either autonomously or in collaboration with your IT or technical people, what we promise.
    • Dynamic – we adapt, innovate and break down complex problems to design the components of a robust solution.
    • Honest – we are open, provide impartial advice, and will walk away rather than take on a project that is not in the client’s best interests.

Our founder

Lyle Jackson founded White Kite following a successful career as an analyst and consultant.

During this time he designed and built a variety of credit risk models for national and international banks.

As a consultant and White Kite director, Lyle has developed a deep understanding of the credit lifecycle and software development.